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Welcome to Valparai.net

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A place where you can kick back and relax

With no thoughts of your office file stacks

A place where you can loosen up and sing

As if your hectic lifestyle is replaced with that of a king

A place where you can go to bed

Without a single worry in your head.

Now that is what most people believe that paradise would/should feel like.
But if you think that paradise is a myth and couldn’t really exist then you are wrong.If you need proof that you are wrong all you have to do is pack your travel bags and set off to Valparai.

Introduction to Paradise (Valparai)

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Valparai is a small town located at 3500 feet above sea level in the Anamalai ranges of Coimbatore district in the state of Tamilnadu in India.Valparai’s history ranges back to the 19th century when the Karnatic coffee company bought some land from the Madras Government for Coffee Cultivation in the Anamalais. But the expected yield of coffee was not obtained and so growth stagnated in the area. But things started to turn around in the first half of the 20th century when tea estates and rubber plantations started to develop around the area.The Valparai Township was started in 1903 by the Anamalai Planters Association.You might have heard of the phrase ‘Inclusive distribution of wealth within the society’. When this phrase is applied to Valparai it would imply inclusive distribution of beauty within the environment’.

In simple words, you cannot compare one area of scenic beauty with another as every area here would leave you with an equal and completely overwhelming sense and feeling of awe. But afterall this is paradise so you cannot expect more.Another thing is that humans and non-humans live in perfect harmony in Valparai. You could easily spot a deer or a pack of deers or monkeys or peacocks by the side of the road. The elephants are the local badboys moving about in packs and rampaging fields. They are usually great to look at with their majesty and all but make sure you have a lot of space inbetween and stay clear of a lone elephant because they are known to have mood swings and the swings are usually towards the rough side.



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