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tourist attractions in valparai

Tourist Attractions in Valparai - Places to Prowl about at Paradise:

valparai tourism 


Nature seemed to have made an exception while carving out Valparai because the mesmerizing beauty here is so evenly distributed all over that you cannot specifically point out to a certain location or area of scenery as the best. But the attributed spots among the locality where you can hang out are briefed below:

Get Dizzied Exploring the depths Of Sholayar:

Believed to be the second Highest dam of Asia Sholayar must be on the don’t-miss category of your list. The dam and its surroundings are perfect examples of the term ‘majesty’. You will have to travel 20 Kms out of Valparai to reach this area.

Have a Stint at Nirar:

Take a trip to the Nirar dam situated within a dense forest. The route will give you an eerie but enthralling experience as you would be traveling through a proper jungle rather than the concrete jungle that you have got used to.

Get Drenched in the Drizzles of Chinnakallar:

chinnakallar in valparai

You might have heard that Chirapunji is the spot that receives the highest rainfall in India. But spot two was up for grabs and Chinnakallar managed to fit in. That’s right India’s 2nd highest rainfall is received by Chinnakallar. This area also lodges a waterfalls. Chinnakallar is situated at about 15 Kms from Valparai.

Worship the Lord at Annai Velankani:

Visit the Karamalai Annai Velankani church and pray the lord in reverence. Located at 10 Kms from Valparai this abode of the lord is located in a peaceful and tranquil environment ideal for those who endeavor to worship her.

Immerse into the Annals of Spirituality At the Balaji Temple:

balaji temple - valparai


 The balaji temple of Karamalai is a hotspot in Valparai. This temple is located at 10Kms from Valparai and is owned by peria karamalai tea industries. The area also has a beautifully maintained garden with exotic flowers and a children’s park. Just look up on your left side when you come out of the temple. You can have a extraordinary sight of acres of grass land at the top of a hill called Grass hills.



Entrall Yourself In the Enchanting Valparai Grass Hills:

valparai hills

As the name suggests, grass hills comprise a slope covered completely in grass. The surrounding here is incredible and the view awe inspiring. This area is part of the Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary and you will have to get the nod from the wildlife warden in Pollachi if you want to get here. But the troubles will definitely be worth it. The trip here takes 15 Kms

Visit Lord Vinayaka:

The Siddhi Vinayakar temple is located at 5 Kms from Valparai. This temple also has a beautiful garden and is owned by Jayshree tea industries. The serenity, silence and cleanliness are the attractions We never miss at these temples.

Amuse About At Aliyar:

The Aliyar dam located at the base of Valparai hills is worth a visit. The dam also has a sprawling garden and a soothing environment.

Monkey Around in Monkey Falls:

Take a nice and refreshing shower at monkey falls on your way up or down to Valparai.

Valparai View Points:

Valparai is loaded with viewpoints giving out rich and breathtaking views. Some of the viewpoints are Number Parai and Nallamudi Poonjolai near sangili road of Valparai.The Kadamparai dam is also a beautiful area with an excellent viewpoint.

 Other Places of Interest in Valparai:


Topslip is located at 37 Kms from Pollachi. It is an area under the Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary Jurisdiction and is famous for its elephant camps. Government guest houses and tree houses are available for booking at the Kerala side of the park. The area is peaceful and serene and good for trekking, Safari and elephant rides.

For More Information About Topslip Visit www.topslipindia.com



Athirapalli Falls:

athirapalli falls

Athirapalli is a minature Amazon within Kerala. The forest here is so lush and dense that it gives you a feeling that all civilization has disappeared from the face of earth and the world has become nature’s unchallenged abode again. The end of your journey will lead you to Athirapalli falls or the ‘punnagai mannan’ falls named after a famous tamil film. The waters of the chalakudi river falls from a height of 80 feet and the view here is an awe inspiring experience.

Anamalai WildLife Santuary:

anamalai wildlife - topslip

The Anamalai wildlife sanctuary is situated at a height of 1400 meters in the western Ghats of Tamilnadu. The sanctuary is accessible from Pollachi at 30 Kms and 90 Kms from Coimbatore. The area here is rich in flora and fauna and a variety of wild and diverse creatures such as tigers, elephants, gaurs, Deers, wild bears, wild dogs, Porcupines, flying squirrels civet cats, sloth bears and jackals call it their home.The airspace here is occupied by a variety of birds such as rocket tailed drongo, re- whiskered bulbul, black headed oriole, green pigeon e.t.c. For More Information Visit www.topslipindia.com

The Amaravathy reservoir here is a hideout of crocodiles.

The area is also loaded with scenic, lush and green spots such as Karianshola, Anaikunthishola and is also filled with waterfalls, groves, dams and estates..

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