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valparai hills 


Valparai Travel Tips - Stuff to Remember:

1) You would be better off if you private taxi service in Valparai for the places you are planning to visit rather than depending upon public transportation.

2) Carry about a raincoat or an umbrella as sudden burst of showers are quite frequent here. We get rains for almost 6 months every year.

3) Carry a first aid kit if you are planning on exploring the area here on foot. Have salt powder if you prefer rainy season. Because Commonly called “Attai” (a parasitic worm) silently start sucking blood from your legs. But you need not worry because they are anesthetics as well. So you will not have any pain at all. Salt powder when applied will liberate you from these parasites.

4) When you are in certain isolated patches of land filled with enriching beauty here you will be definitely mesmerized and would not want to leave but guess who else will be sharing the same feelings? Elephants, Bisons and monkeys and they won’t be civil to humans fooling about their territory. So be careful. Deers are very common sight. Rare visitors are panthers and pythons.


A few words on EcoTourism:

valparai tourism


  Eco tourism is the new concept set out to revolutionize the field of tourism. It deals with traveling through nature’s abodes without compromising the natural structure. In a nutshell, it implies the theory of being one with nature while observing and enjoying it. Valparai is slowly picking up as one of such places.The movement is gathering speed in India and tourist & travel related agencies have begun to promote it aggressively.

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